Noel is best known for his renditions of popular Portuguese covers. He is one of few musicians that has the ability to take an existing popular song and make it his own!”

— Mark Fernandes

Fellow lovers of Portuguese music... 

Boas Vindas!

I’m an India-based, singer/songwriter living in Daman (Damão), a former Portuguese enclave on the western shores of India. 

Like you, I’m a big fan of Portuguese music! 

But I must confess, I’m of Portuguese descent and my mother tongue is Portuguese. 

I contribute to this great cultural heritage in my own little way by showcasing... 

live covers of contemporary Portuguese songs of top artists, like Tony Carreira and Jorge Fernando, among others.

Before that, I’d been two-timing Writing and Music – until I strayed into songwriting and decided to stay. Not a bad decision – it led me to winning the prestigious, “U.K. Songwriting Contest 2016”. 

But my love affair with songwriting didn’t last long…Being multi-talented created dissonance in my life – I couldn’t focus long enough on songwriting before the call of the stage would lure me away. 

And the romantic that I’ve always been, I married the two and am living happily ever since – as a Singer/Songwriter! 


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